When Life Pulls You Down.

by | Jun 27, 2022

When Life Pulls You Down.
“Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.” (James 5:17) KJV
Remember Elijah?
The main two things were the rain (as in verse above) and Mount Carmel.
These were significant aspects of his Life.
Did you know that after the victory of Mount Carmel, something happened? Life pulled him down right after the most extraordinary spiritual victory of his Life.
The people of Israel didn’t know who the true God was, and they accepted the challenge.
They went to Mount Carmel, and the Lord showed them that He is the True God.
Right after this spiritual victory, Elijah experienced a significant depression. The fear caused him not to see the big picture.
He focused on himself, on the threat of Jezabel, and he was terrified.
That’s why he isolated himself and stayed there all by himself.
What was the prescription that God gave Elijah to raise him up?
A sermon about the unsteady faith of the prophet?
No, just rest and food.
God recognizes our limitations, even when we don’t see them.
(Isaiah 42:3 KJV)
He corrected Elijah’s perspective about Him. ( 1 Kings 19:11 KJV)
He corrected Elijah’s perspective about the world. (1 Kings 19:14,18 KJV)
He corrected Elijah’s perspective about himself. (1 Kings 19:4,16 KJV)
He sent help to Elijah. (1 Kings 19:21 KJV)
Don’t forget, wherever you are,
God wants to raise you up.
Don’t focus on your limitations.
He wants you b to go to the next level.
He has the blueprint of your Life.
He wants you to be His… entirely!
Application to Christian Life:
When in difficulties:
Allow God to reveal Himself to you. Trust Him.


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