The appointed time has come

by | Nov 27, 2020

“I know you are about to arise and show your tender love to Zion.
Now is the time, Lord, for your compassion and mercy to be poured out—
the appointed time has come for your prophetic promises to be fulfilled!
Psalm 102:13 (TPT)
During the time of Henry IV, King of France, a peasant once rode from his native village to Paris. 
He had almost reached the gates of the city when he met a gentleman on horseback. 
It was the King. His escort had remained behind at some distance. “Where do you come from, my friend, have you some business in the city?” asked the King. 
“Yes,” answered the peasant, “and I have also come to see our dear king; I have never seen him before.”
The King smiled and said, “You should have no difficulty in seeing him today.” 
“Yes, if only I knew how to distinguish him among so many courtiers,”
the peasant wondered.
“It is quite easy,” said the King. 
“If you see a gentleman riding through the street of the city and everybody standing reverencing him, you may be sure that the gentleman is the King.”
The peasant was now riding through the streets beside the monarch. When he noticed the people looking at them from every window and the passersby reverently lifting their hats, 
He looked at the King in amazement. 
At length, he said: “Sir, either you are the King, or I am.”
The problem with many of us today is not different from that of this peasant. 
We pray and believe God for the manifestation of certain things in our lives but are hesitant or blind.
 However, God, who is faithful, is already bringing that we desire to pass.
Be encouraged now, and let your heart be fixed on the Promise of God to fulfill your expectations.
. Why wait, like the peasant, to be shocked into the fulfillment of God’s promise, when all He asked of you is to believe?
 To believe is to be expectant.
God is already at work inside of you.
“It is through him that we live and function and have our identity; just as your own poets have said, ‘Our lineage comes from him” Acts 17:28(TPT)
Ask, and it shall be given unto you, for the time to favor You has come. 


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