Joseph Cried

by | Sep 9, 2020

Joseph Cried
Joseph’s brothers realized what their father’s death could mean. So they thought, “What if Joseph holds a grudge against us? What if he decides to pay us back for all the evil we did to him?” “They sent a messenger to Joseph to say, “Before your father died, he commanded us, “‘This is what you should say to Joseph, “I’m begging you to forgive the crime and the sin your brothers committed against you. What they did to you was very evil.”‘ So now, please forgive our crime, because we are servants of your father’s God.” Joseph cried when he got their message.” Genesis‬ 50:15-17‬ GW‬‬‬‬‬‬
What do you think made Joseph cried?
He was heartbroken that despite all that he has done for his brothers, they were still lying.
Have you been in that place where you kept giving and giving but not only taken for granted, but the very people you are helping are still lying about you?
Can this person ever change?
It could be your spouse, partner, family, co-worker, or fellow church member.
Joseph brothers had a history of betrayal and conspiracy against their brother.
After their father’s death and the fact that all the lies to Jacob about Joseph’s animal killing became known, you will expect that they will live truthfully and become true men for once.
Remember, they tried to spin Joseph when he initially asked them who they were when they first came to buy the grains.
Joseph cried.
What betrayal and failed promises of change are causing you to cry?
Joseph knew God’s purpose for his life, and he did not allow their lies though painful, derail Gods’ ultimate plan.
Whatever the challenge you face from close people like Joseph’s brothers, please remain focused on what God has raised you up to do.

Are you like Joseph’s brother in this story, lying because of the fear of your past action is making you lie to cover another lie?
David did some lying too but came clean before Nathan and after that changed his way.
Peter betrayed the Lord, but he repented and changed too.
As the prototype of Jesus, the very people He came to save betrayed Him and asked him to be crucified and the real thief released.
That Grace to fully repent and change is available
As for you, Joseph, God will always vindicate you.
Jesus Christ fulfilled His Purpose.
So you will too.
It’s okay to cry, but please remain in the purpose of the Almighty God.
The Grace to Forgive and do God’s purpose is also available for you.


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