Jesus began to do and to teach

by | Jun 26, 2019

Jesus began to do and to teach
“In the former account [which I prepared], O Theophilus, I made (a continuous report) dealing with all the things which Jesus began to do and to teach” ACTS 1:1 (AMPC)
How are we doing in the aspect of actually living out what we preach?
The Bible records that Jesus did walk the talk.
HE began to do first before teaching.
We have so many many around today that only teach and preach, and their personal lives do not match what they teach.
The disciples could ask Jesus to teach them how to pray because of what they saw Him doing.
“One day, as Jesus was in prayer, one of his disciples came over to him as he finished and said, “Would you teach us a model prayer that we can pray, just like John did for his disciples?” Luke 11:1 (TPT)
Don’t be an “armchair Professor” propounding theories and not even experimenting or experiencing what you are professing.
What about your personal life?
Does it match what you teach your audience?
Can your family members attest to what you teach?
Can your close personal assistants and protocol officers openly say what they see you do?
“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22
The early Apostles allowed the Holy Spirit to lead and teach them.
You cannot impact what you do not have personal victory over.
“So let me ask you this: Why don’t you practice what you preach? You preach, “Don’t steal!” but are you a thief?  You are swift to tell others, “Don’t commit adultery!” but are you guilty of adultery? You say, “I hate idolatry and false gods!” but do you withhold from the true God what is due him?”  Romans 2:21-22  (TPT)
Please let us all follow our Lord’s example in doing first before teaching.
 “Great sorrow awaits you, religious scholars and Pharisees—frauds and pretenders! For you are obsessed with peripheral issues, like insisting on paying meticulous tithes on the smallest herbs that grow in your gardens. These matters are fine, yet you ignore the most important duty of all: to walk in the love of God, to display mercy to others, and to live with integrity. Readjust your values and place first things first.” Matthew 23:23 (TPT)
Place First Things First. 
Do First before Teaching or Preaching.


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