Hosanna today Crucify Him Tomorrow.

by | Mar 26, 2018

Hosanna today Crucify Him Tomorrow. 

“Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.”1 John 4:17.

The reality of life as a true believer in Christ is that we get to experience what he has experienced. The Passion Week that started with Palm Sunday reminds us of how Christ was hailed and before the end of the week he was nailed to the cross.  

As believers-as He is so are we. 

There will be moments in your life when people will shout hosanna to you and tell you are the Best that has ever happened to them in their life. Don’t let that euphoria fool you those same people when your “week of trial” starts will turn around with a double mouth, accuse you and call for your crucifixion. 

This is a reality of life you must face as a true believer as you move into different levels of your life and purposeful assignments. 

Thanks be to God who has shown us in Christ Jesus that no matter the trial in life you are going through you will have victory because With God on your side you are an overcomer. 

Just as Christ was tempted tested and tried in all the areas of life so also you will be. 

Sometimes we wish we don’t have to go through betrayal again because years ago you were a victim of that. 

The difference this time is that you are at another level of your assignment in life and now you know you can never put your trust in man again. 

There were about 50 items in the checklist for the Old Testament priest to check in the Passover lamb. Jesus Christ was thoroughly examined and tested too. 

So when they plot and scheme on you let your anchor in Christ hold very firm, and HE will see you through.

 Praise God for you if all your life you have never been betrayed like Christ was, but now you know what to do if that should happen.  

As we remember Christ’s passion week this season let’s know that after the Hosanna, the crucifixion and the Resurrection are certain. You will succeed and emerge victorious as Christ did as you believe and obey Him all the way.  


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