by | Jan 8, 2009

2009 has just begun less than 12 hours over here but I am being led at this time that we are busy saying Happy New Year and Seasonal Greetings to each other to ask you HOW DID YOU RECEIVE THE YEAR ?.There is a saying that says “Morning shows the day” that is how you handle the first few hours might be an indication of how you will likely spend the rest of the day.So by the Spirit of the Lord I am being asked to challenge you today to take charge of this First Day to spend it well Glorifying God, thanking HIM for what HE has done in the previous years and receive concrete wisdom that will make you avoid the mistakes you made in the past.Remove fear from you in all what you start out doing today. Fear of failure must not be allowed in your thought life today.Don’t give up on any of your unfulfilled dreams .The Year 2009 is the Year of Fulfillment .Please make sure that what you are believing God for has the promise of God based on HIS revealed Word attached to it .Anything you are believing God for that is not firmly rooted in the word of God is not Faith. Faith is trusting God for the performance of what HE Has promised you in HIS Word.As you commence 2009 start it right by Making the Right Choices from DAY 1 In all areas of your life.Some people in major parts of the world ushered in the New Year by looking at fireworks of different dimensions and colors and as the days unfold they have nothing in their spirit man to guide them for the year but thoughts of entertainment and pleasure. Gone are the days when what welcomes the New Year in major parts of the World are the bells from the Cathedral Churches and people singing Hymns Glorifying God.You have the unique opportunity now to start right and do the right things today the first day of this brand New 2009HAPPY NEW YEAR


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