Has circumstances of life made you be a Bathsheba?

by | May 10, 2020

Today as we celebrate another Mother’s Day, we want to look at the Bathsheba’s in our midst.
Has circumstances of life made you be a Bathsheba?
Unless you see and understand the total picture of her life and purpose, don’t be quick to judge.
She did not seduce David with her open roof bath as some wrongly accused.
It was a Jewish tradition for cleansing for women, and indeed, she wasn’t the only one doing it on the rooftop in that age.
Neither was she part of the plot to kill Uriah, her first husband, who was part of David’s mighty men of war.
It was entirely David’s handiwork.
Have you found yourself in a marriage arrangement that was not your original desire?
Bathsheba soon discovered that she was not the only wife of David; there were others.
And she became pregnant through circumstances she never imagined.
Are you contending with others to get your husband’s attention?
Seven days after she gave birth to her first son, the baby died, which was a result of David’s sin.
God’s grace was upon her, and she had another son, Solomon, who eventually succeeded David.
As God turned the mess, Bathsheba found herself into a message God can turn things around for you too.
She purposefully pursued David’s promise that her son would become king, and he did.
Solomon’s right initial start-up by seeking God’s wisdom to rule can be attributed to her excellent parenting.
King Lemuel (Solomon) confirms this. (Proverbs31:1)
What’s the promise and purpose of God for your marriage, home, and children?
Don’t allow the stories around and about your motherhood to derail your purpose in life.
Her closeness to Nathan, the prophet, was an indication that despite her circumstances, she did not find offense in God.
God is never in evil, but His redemption plan is always available whenever satan had struck.
Do you feel lonely and distant among the people around you?
Do you have to reconcile two different men in your heart.?
It’s not easy to forget Uriah killed in the war.
Bathsheba was still expecting him back home till the news that he was no more.
How she must have felt keeping the secret of her affairs with the king from Uriah when he was recalled for a short period back home.
She possibly didn’t have a chance to tell him what really happened.
What turmoil must have gone in her heart?
Raging thoughts…
The Battle in her heart was possibly more than the war Israel was fighting.

Yet she had to comport herself before David and others in the palace.
Did she really find peace in all that went on around her and in her life.?
Which part of Bathsheba’s life is your story today. ..
The Prince of Peace is your portion.
Yes, Bathsheba turned everything over to God, and she pulled through.
She was honored and highly respected by her son. (1Kings 2:19)
She was listed along with the five women in the lineage line of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 1:6)
Your situation though different and challenging can be handled with Jesus in your life, giving you wisdom and direction.
Rise up today and line your self up with God’s empowerment.

If you are a mother and your story is different from Bathsheba, please look around you and comfort, encourage and strengthen one around you.
Happy Mothers Day.


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