A Time for Every Purpose

by | Jan 5, 2018

“To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1
The use of your Time in this new 2018 is critical.
To attain your goals and aspirations wise time management is a necessity.
Evaluate how you had spent your time in the last few years and be wise to deploy it profitably this year.
Time is one commodity that is available to everyone equally but how we use it depends on the choices that we make.
There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth:
“Time is money” “is a much easier way to explain the concept of Opportunity cost — because time is money! It means time is a valuable resource (because our time in this world is finite). Therefore you need to prioritize the use of your time.”
“Don’t waste your time on useless work, mere busywork, the barren pursuits of darkness. Expose these things for the sham they are. It’s a scandal when people waste their lives on things they must do in the darkness where no one will see. Rip the cover off those frauds and see how attractive they look in the light of Christ. Wake up from your sleep, Climb out of your coffins; Christ will show you the light! So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! Don’t live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants.” Ephesians 5: 15-17
There is time available to achieve your dreams. However, you must put value to it put it to your advantage in this New Year
The parable of the talents Jesus spoke about in Matthew 25:14-30 is not just applicable to talents of gold it is also about the use of our time. Therefore invest your time in this 2018 into profitable ventures.
Use your time this year for the very purpose which  God has called and equipped you.
The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months all add up to a prosperous 2018.


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