You will walk!

by | Feb 3, 2020

You will walk!
“Then Jesus said to him, “Stand up! Pick up your sleeping mat, and you will walk!”” Immediately he stood up—he was healed! So he rolled up his mat and walked again! Now, this miracle took place on the Jewish Sabbath.” “When the Jewish leaders saw the man walking along carrying his sleeping mat, they objected and said, “What are you doing carrying that? Don’t you know it’s the Sabbath? It’s not lawful for you to carry things on the Sabbath!”” John‬ ‭5:8-10 ‬ ‭(TPT‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬)
2020 The Year of Creations Say it and See it. 
Jesus Said to the man:
” Stand up! Pick up your sleeping mat, and you will walk!”
The traditional way of healing at this pool was for the first person that Got into the pool after an Angel stirred it to be healed. 
However, Jesus uniquely took the healing to him where he laid.
God is reaching out to you exactly where you are today!. 
Jesus spoke out the healing words first. ”You will walk.”
God said light be. Indeed, the light came. (Genesis1:3)
What are you saying to your challenge or desire?
God backed up His words, and the man walked. 
You also have the Grace to create like Him. 
Say it and See it.  


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