by | Feb 14, 2017

Recently I needed to use a function on my   iPhone  and had to ask one of my son’s to help which he gladly did. I see the dexterity with which he uses the phone. It’s the same phone. Model. Manufacturer. Yet he can perform a lot of functions with it that  I cannot. The difference between us is our understanding of the phone. It then occurred to me that we believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have the same Holy Spirit that Jesus promised us. Same Holy Spirit that is available in that “Mega” Preacher, Evangelist etc is the same that is equally in all believers. The manifestation of God in us entirely depends on each of our understanding of Him. Be determined today to know more about the functions of the Holy Spirit just as we try to understand and use our gadgets. The phone manufacturer gave list of functions and warranty. Most of us just use it for the basic necessities. Sadly that’s how we relate to the Holy Spirit in us. HE can do much more than what Jesus Himself did while on earth. Determine today to understand and use Him more for His Glory. 


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