Public Display

by | Apr 16, 2017

“Instead, I sometimes think God has put us apostles on display, like prisoners of war at the end of a victor’s parade, condemned to die. We have become a spectacle to the entire world–to people and angels alike.”  1 Corinthians 4:9
 Today being Good Friday we remember the public display God did of His only Son to show He fully paid the full price of redemption.
Through the cross we are restored back to God.
Have you been to that place of display where your life is publicly displayed by the cross you have to carry?.
If like Christ you bearing your own cross as ordained by God then you can then identify with the display Apostle Paul talks about.
We are sometimes in situations that what seems to be our private life is publicly displayed for all to see.
Have you had circumstances above your control and everything is being played out like a script?
Jesus prayed before the crucifixion at the garden of Gethsemane that He wished the cross to pass over Him but nevertheless the less God’s perfect will be done.
We all go through phases of our lives that we wish it could be otherwise but as we continue in the perfect will of God sometimes God chooses to display us as examples of crucified lives so that others can be drawn to the Kingdom of God by our testimonies and victorious life.
Examine yourself that your cross is not self inflicted and be open to the Holy Spirit to correct you.
Be encouraged today as you carry your cross faithfully. Don’t be ashamed. Jesus our perfect example  Resurrected and the cross is empty.
You also will overcome and be triumphant.
 Good Friday was a public display that ended as God Purposed so also is yours.


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