They whispered among themselves.

by | Jan 17, 2019

They whispered among themselves.

“Thinking Jesus was scolding them over not bringing bread, they whispered among themselves.”  Matthew 16:7 (TPT)

The disciples had an issue they were not sure, and they started whispering amongst themselves.

Sometimes when we are not sure of the situation, we begin to talk to each other in whispers out of uncertainty.

God who knows all things and see all things want you to never be in doubt on any issue in life.

Stop doubting.

Take time to find out the facts before you spread the news.

Don’t spread fake News.

Whenever any situation of doubt confronts you stop doing Guesswork.

Approach the throne of Grace and God will speak plainly to you.

“Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said to them” 

God will bring clarity to any issue in your life if you ask Him


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