Joseph was a good and honest man.

by | Oct 19, 2020

“There was a man named Joseph, who was from Arimathea in Judea. Joseph was a good and honest man, and he was eager for God’s kingdom to come… Joseph went to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. He took the body down from the cross and wrapped it in fine cloth. Then he put it in a tomb that had been cut out of solid rock and had never been used.”
Luke‬ 23:50-53 CEV‬‬‬‬‬‬
Are you positioned where God can rely on you to execute His agenda?
Joseph of Arimathea was strategically placed and blessed by God to be used for His Glory.
His foundation was a dependable character that God could lean on.
He was a good, honest, and expectant man.
As he was being blessed, he listened to God for what he should invest his money on.
He bought for himself at the right time a Tomb befitting for God to use.
How do you spend the money God blesses you with.
Do you invest in what God can use to be a blessing to others?
Abraham was rich, and he knew his blessings were to be a blessing to others.
The covenant of being blessed by God centers on you being able to bless others.
Don’t become a hoarder.
Give, and it shall be given back to you in multiple folds.
God gave the children of Israel gold and precious ornaments because HE knew ahead that out of it, the Tabernacle would be built.
Guess what some of them used it to build the golden calf and rebelled against God.
Whatever blessings are coming your way today, hear from God on how to use it.
When the strategic opportunity and time comes:
God can use you and what He has placed in your hands.


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