They loved human praise more than the praise of God.

by | Feb 17, 2021

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They loved human praise more than the praise of God.

“For they loved human praise more than the praise of God.”
John 12:43(NLT)
“For they loved the glory that men could give them rather than the glory that came from God!” John12:43(TPT)
“They were more concerned about what people thought of them than about what God thought of them” John 12:43(GW)

What really drives you?
Praise of men or glory of God.

Have you been introduced recently, and you felt unacknowledged?
Would you have been happier if they had poured more accolades?
Child of God, be careful.
Be very careful that you don’t get consumed with the praise of men.
Remember that all that you are is from God.
All that you ever did or will still do is purely by His Grace.
Remember the story of Herod.
“Immediately, an angel from the Lord killed Herod for not giving glory to God. Herod was eaten by maggots, and he died.” Acts 12:23(GW)
John the Baptist showed a better example.
“Jesus must become more important, while I become less important.” John 3:30(CEV)
Jesus Christ, the Author and finisher of our faith, is our perfect example.
“Jesus answered them, “If I were to tell you how great I am, it would mean nothing. But my Father is the One who will prove it and will glorify me. Isn’t he the One you claim is your God?” John 8:54(TPT)

Recheck your heart today.
What energizes you?
Thoughts of men or thoughts from God?


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