Who did Better Lot or his Daughters? Part2.

by | Jul 31, 2020

Who did Better Lot or his Daughters?
We Revisit Genesis 19.
Do you have a personal relationship with the Almighty God ?.
Are you Like Lot?
Do you make decisions only on emotions?
Are you a people pleaser?
You need to have Bible-based principles.
Is your relationship with God circumstantial?.

Are you like the two daughters whose actions were based on only what they can see?
They reasoned “no man on earth” existed, so you have to help yourself. Remember that maxim “heaven helps those who help themselves” is not biblical!
Remember the parable of the prodigal son?

Both the prodigal son and his older brother did not have proper and adequate knowledge of their father.
The prodigal son had minimal experience and made decisions that hurt him, but thank God for God’s mercy when he repented he was taken back.
What about the older brother?
He was just serving without asking his father about his rights and privileges; hence he turned cold and bitter when he saw his brother’s restoration.
So how knowledgeable are you on the issues of life that you are currently handling?
What kind of decisions are you making?.
Was any better? Lot or his daughters?


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