These works which the Father destined for me to complete

by | Feb 12, 2020

These works which the Father destined for me to complete
“But I can provide a more substantial proof of who I am that exceeds John’s testimony—my miracles! These works which the Father destined for me to complete—they prove that the Father has sent me!” John 5:36 (TPT)

  •  I mean, the things that the Father has given me to do!
  •  For the works that the Father has given me to finish
  • It’s the work the Father gave me to complete
  • The Father gave me these works to accomplish

What are you doing?
What’s your life purpose all about?
It is essential that what you engage in this life are the very things your Father in heaven has assigned you to do.
Don’t just do things because you see others do them.
Seek God’s face to know exactly what He wants you to do.
“You will find true success when you find me, for I have insight into wise plans that are designed just for you. I hold in my hands living-understanding,[a] courage, and strength.” 
Proverbs 8:14 (TPT)
God knew who you were before you were born. ( Jeremiah 1:5)
Our Lord Jesus Christ also confirmed that He only did what the Father assigned for Him to do.
“Nothing I do is from my own initiative, ……because I can do nothing on my own, except to fulfill the desires of my Father who sent me.”  John 5:30 (TPT)
What are you doing today?
The work you chose for yourself or that which God gave you to do?


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