The Lord Shut him in.

by | Oct 7, 2022

The Lord Shut him in.
“And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God commanded him: and the Lord shut him in.” Gen. 7:16 (KJV).
How have you fared as parents?
Very Well?.
Has there ever been a situation where you have to shut the children in?
Possibly lock the door?
As a child, do you sometimes feel like running away from home?
Did you sometimes feel like running away?
We do not want to run away when we stay in a home filled with peace and security.
We are happy and safe to be with them.
When our parents do something we do not like, we sometimes want to run away.
“More freedom outside,” we sometimes think.
God commanded Noah to build the ark according to specific measurements. Indeed, Noah had his thoughts about it.
He probably encountered many obstacles.
But he persevered.
God locked the door when it started to rain.
He did not ask Noah to lock the door.
The Lord Shut him in.
Why did God lock the door? He made sure nobody would leave the ark.
God knew what would happen.
God knew the thoughts of humans and animals.
They possibly would have loved to step out and explore!!!
The rain never fell before.
Humans and animals have never coexisted in that limited space before.
However, God kept them safe inside and protected them from the unknown danger outside.
Until everything was safe.
Do you feel like being locked in right now?
God sees both inside and also knows what is going on outside.
Trust Him.
He kept everyone safe.
Stay In The Safety Of God. Application to the Christian life:
Let God keep you safe.
Your head knowledge is limited.
Stay in the safety of His commands.
Serve Him.
Trust Him.


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