Serve God Only

by | Jan 21, 2022

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Serve God Only
“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3.(KJV).
Can you say you do not serve any other gods?
What is a god?
In the old testament, we read of many different gods.
Rachel hid the household gods so that her father would not find them.
“Rachel had taken the idols and had put them in her camel’s saddle-bag and was sitting on them. Laban rummaged through the whole tent but found nothing.” Genesis 31:34(GW)
Why did she not ask her father for them before leaving?
Maybe he would have given it to her.
Why was he so determined to get it back?
Unfortunately, she did not make it to her destination.
A hidden god would always hinder you.
A god can be anything of great value to you.
If you love cars, you will spend all your money on cars.
You will do the same if you love dresses, sports, or jewelry.
Watch it if you can not attend fellowship if your team is playing.
You do not hesitate to spend all you have just to enjoy it!!!
You can even borrow money to fund your passion for it.
It has become an addiction.
It creates friction in your family life.
You serve cars, dresses, or jewelry.
It’s so crucial that you start neglecting God.
It has become a god.
If you spend all your money on cars or dresses and do not pay your tithes, the car or dress becomes a god.
What is it that is taking away your love and affection for the Lord?.
Application to the Christian life:
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
Do not allow anything to be more important than God.
Leave everything behind and follow Jesus.
Are you serving any other god?


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