Get up and pray to your God!

by | Nov 13, 2020

Get up and pray to your God!
“The sailors were frightened, and they all started praying to their gods. They even threw the ship’s cargo overboard to make the ship lighter. All this time, Jonah was down below deck, sound asleep. The ship’s captain went to him and said, “How can you sleep at a time like this? Get up and pray to your God! Maybe he will have pity on us and keep us from drowning.” Jonah 1:5-6 (CEV)
Today we are in different situations that demand that we should call upon our God to help.
The Covid-19 Pandemic!
The global economic meltdown!!
America’s elections!!!
Unrests in Certain Nations!!!!

These forces situations upon us where we need to call upon God.
People don’t know which one will work.
Politicians, Lawyers, and most recently, Consitution Experts are all talking.
Financial experts are calling on psychics or spiritualists to get directions.
Experts in different fields are sometimes proffering alternative and conflicting solutions.
The church now has commercial prophets prophesying conflicting prophecies and all praying and receiving from the same God?
When they finally get to you as they got to Jonah:
Which God are you going to call upon?.
Some marriages are not working.
People are looking at which one is working.
Can your home be a model for them?
That is, can they call on your God to help them?
Do you have the Solution to these challenges?


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