Eager to do good deeds?

by | Nov 4, 2020

Eager to do good deeds?
“Can anyone really harm you for being eager to do good deeds? Even if you have to suffer for doing good things, God will bless you. So stop being afraid and don’t worry about what people might do. Honor Christ and let him be the Lord of your life.” 1 Peter 3:13-15 (CEV)
What are you always eager to do?
What are you passionate about and devoted to?
What do you become enthusiastic about?
All over the world, people are eagerly awaiting and anticipating the US Election results.
This will undoubtedly come and go into history.
However, there is one event that is eternity defining.
It is the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Are you eager to see Him as much as you are anticipating the results of the elections?
There are so many variable factors when you put your hope in man’s expectations.
Are you hopeful about the fulfillment of God’s promises?
People are sometimes excited and hopeful with political manifestos.
Are you at peace with the promises of God or man?
God’s promises based on His Word are guaranteed.
“For we continue to look forward to the joyful fulfillment of our hope in the dawning splendor of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus, the Anointed One” Titus 2:13 (TPT)
Are you full of expectations that Jesus is coming back as He promised?
Have you carefully studied and researched Him as much as you have done for these elections?
Paul was eager to preach the good news to everyone based on His expectations of the Lord’s return. (Romans 1:14-15)
Be eager to confirm and validate with everything in you the certainty of our Lord’s return.
Are you eager to do good deeds for God?


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