Don’t you think you should show pity to someone else, as I did to you?”

by | Aug 7, 2020

Don’t you think you should show pity to someone else, as I did to you?”
“The king called the first official back in and said, “You’re an evil man! When you begged for mercy, I said you did not have to pay back a cent. Don’t you think you should show pity to someone else, as I did to you?” The king was so angry that he ordered the official to be tortured until he could pay back everything he owed. That is how my Father in heaven will treat you if you don’t forgive each of my followers with all your heart.” Matthew 18:32-35 (CEV)
Don’t you think you should show pity to someone else, as I did to you?”
Should you not have had pity and mercy on your fellow attendant, as I had compassion and kindness on you?
Why didn’t you show the same mercy to your fellow servant that I showed to you?’
Why are you not easily forgiving that other person who offended you as God has forgiven you?
Sometimes we find it very difficult to release another person who has offended us in our heart.
Treat other servants of the Lord with the love and mercy God has extended to you.
Don’t fall out of the Grace of God through the “cold treatment” you are giving others that have crossed your path.

“You may discipline us for our many sins, but never as much as we really deserve. Nor do you get even with us for what we’ve done. Higher than the highest heavens— that’s how high your tender mercy extends!
Greater than the grandeur of heaven above is the greatness of your loyal love, towering over all who fear you and bow down before you!”
Psalm 103:10-11 (TPT)
You also need to forgive yourself too.
Don’t perpetually carry the guilt of what you have done wrong.
As you have fully confessed to God and completely turn away from that sin :
Walk in the newness of life that God has given you.
“Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we ourselves release forgiveness to those who have wronged us.”
Matthew 6:12(TPT)
Please Forgive those who have offended you.


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