Don’t yield to your fear

by | Jan 31, 2020

Don’t yield to your fear
“While Jesus was still speaking to the woman, someone came from Jairus’ house and told him, “There’s no need to bother the Master any further. Your daughter has passed away. She’s gone.” When Jesus heard this, he said, “Jairus, don’t yield to your fear. Have faith in me, and she will live again.” Luke 8:49-50 (TPT)
What situation are you passing through that they have just brought contrary words to you?
As Jesus spoke to Jairus, He is also talking to you, don’t be afraid.
Whatsoever God has promised you God is faithful.
Jairus was a witness to the miraculous healing of the woman with the issue of the blood.
Look around you for testimonies that line up with your desire based on the word of God.
Don’t worry! Have faith
“You said to me. I will point out the road that you should follow. I will be your teacher  and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8(CEV)
Jairus followed Jesus through step-by-step all the way through.
“I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life. I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide. So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before. Don’t make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with me!” Psalm 32:8-9 (TPT)
“We all experience times of testing, which is normal for every human being. But God will be faithful to you. He will screen and filter the severity, nature, and timing of every test or trial you face so that you can bear it. And each test is an opportunity to trust him more, for along with every trial God has provided for you a way of escape[d] that will bring you out of it victoriously.” 1 Corinthians 10:13 (TPT)
Don’t react out of fear.
Don’t be afraid; Don’t second guess yourself. Stay on the Word.
Replace your fear with faith in the Word of God
2020 The Year of Creations, Say it and See it.
Speak the prophetic words God has placed in your mouth
( Isaiah 59:21)


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