Don’t look at the Face Value

by | Apr 7, 2017

“ So the (Israelites) men partook of their food and did not consult the Lord “
Joshua 9:14
Joshua was told in clear terms what to do in the conquest of the Promised Land and he went about it faithfully until the Gibeonites hatched a masterpiece deception that not only deceived him but along with the elders of Israel to the extent that they ate out of the “fake food’ that helped mislead them that the Gibeonites  came from afar place and not the stone throw distance they actually came from.

It’s not only Joshua that made this mistake many of us still do today.
 We look at things superficially and come to a decision based on our own understanding without consulting God.

There are many people today with fake testimony that they “testify, “ to lead Christians astray.
Born again Sisters have been deceived by men who had mastered the “acts” of being a Christian and had deceived them into marriage likewise some women too had pretended to be real Christians only to lure Christian brothers into deception.

In business people present cooked up facts and sometimes in haste business partners don’t verify information and they end up deceived like Joshua and the Israelites.
The way out is to consult God every step of the way. David was such a man after God’s own heart that consulted with God in most of his undertakings and remains till date as a reference point in God’s kingdom.

The scripture says that believers do not make hasty decisions.

Be patient in your spirit to listen and verify that what you are seeing or even tasting is from God and not a grand deception.

Paul the Apostle was able to discern that the “correct” prophecy was coming out from a false source and quickly denounced it.

Don’t look at the Face Value of issues  .Go deeper in consulting with God .The Bible contains all the truth you will need as guidance on any subject of life.

However Joshua repented of his mistake and consolidated his victory for God. If you had fallen as a victim of deception don’t stay deceived. Become wiser and finish what God has assigned you to do.

Trust and obey Him all the way and you will enjoy the abundance of walking with God in all areas of your life.


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