Don’t argue on the way home.

by | Sep 21, 2020

Don’t argue on the way home.
“Then he sent his brothers off and told them, “Don’t argue on the way home!” Genesis 45:24 (CEV)
After Joseph had revealed himself to his brothers, he urged them to go and bring their father.
However, he knew his brothers very well and told them not to argue on the way home.
He possibly knew argument may not get them home as one family.
Do you enjoy getting into arguments?
Do Arguments often laced with pride of a righteous know all sometimes make you feel good?
You have “superior arguments, “I hear you say.

“Stay away from all the foolish arguments of the immature, for these disputes will only generate more conflict. For a true servant of our Lord, Jesus will not be argumentative but gentle toward all and skilled in helping others see the truth, having great patience toward the immature. Then with meekness, you’ll be able to carefully enlighten those who argue with you so they can see God’s gracious gift of repentance and be brought to the truth.” 2 Timothy 2:23-25 (TPT)
Husband and wife, please avoid arguments.
Especially after having received a revelation or directive from the Lord.
Don’t argue on how to implement it.
Wait further on God to give you the step by step of what to do.
Friends, family members, business partners, please avoid arguments.
Get your views across calmly and take time to be in each other’s shoes before you respond.
Try to get along with each other without compromising your faith.
“If you know someone who’s not a Christian, don’t try to argue with them.
Nobody was ever argued into the kingdom of Heaven. Anything someone can argue you into, you can be argued out of.” Adrian Rogers
Don’t fight.
Don’t quarrel along the way!
Don’t argue on your way home. ( especially when driving )


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