Call upon your God!

by | Jul 15, 2019

Call upon your God!
“Then the mariners were afraid, and each man cried to his god, and they cast the goods that were in the ship into the sea to lighten it for them. But Jonah had gone down into the inner part of the ship and had lain down and was fast asleep. So the captain came and said to him, What do you mean you sleeper? Arise, call upon your God! Perhaps your God will give a thought to us so that we shall not perish.” Jonah 1:5-6 (AMPC)
Great winds amidst mighty tempest confronted the ship on its way to Tarshish that necessitated everybody to call upon their god to save the situation, but to no avail. Jonah, however, was fast asleep in this crisis and they had to wake him up to also call upon his God.
 Today we are in different situations that demand that we should call upon our God to help.
People don’t know which one will work.
Some Financial experts are calling on psychics or spiritualists to get directions.
In this world’s ship that we all are traveling in when they finally get to you like they got to Jonah, which God are you going to call upon?
 Some marriages are not working and people are looking at which one is working, can your home be a model to them?
That is can they call on your God to help them?
Is your office- ship drifting? Colleagues at work are looking up to you for breakthrough possibly in sales, marketing, research, and development.
Do you have what it takes to rescue them?
 Friends at school and other club members are desperately searching around you for a solution that works, can they call upon your God?
In other words, is your life a reflection of His works or are you also like Jonah in a state of slumber?
Are you sleeping?
Do you have the solution to the challenges around you?
Can you call upon your God?


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