by | Feb 27, 2017

What are you attracted to as you start out this new week ?
Likely your dominating thoughts guide what you are attracted to
What has attraction got to do with thoughts.? Attraction and thoughts ?  ? As a man thinks so he becomes.
 You want to be sure your thoughts are in line with your purpose.
 Allowing healthy thoughts about your body is essential for your energy and zeal to do your assignments this new week. Every recollection of how many sick people you have heard about or seen in the last few hours should not send symptoms of sickness to your own body rather take control of your thoughts to see yourself young healthy with grace and agility to do your assignments. Be attracted to the testimony of Moses who in spite of age had all his vitals strong and healthy.
 When you look at your wallet and bank accounts see the abundance that the kingdom of God promises you as you obey.
 Rise again  to bless your family members and see them where the promises of God has declared them to be. Let the picture of that prosperous family be what you are attracted to . 
Pay attention only to those that will add value to your purpose 
That’s what should be attractive to you.


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