Why should I celebrate this 2020 Christmas?

by | Dec 23, 2020

Why should I celebrate this 2020 Christmas?
The scriptures say in everything, give thanks to God.
“And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (TPT)
Apparently, Joseph, when he started his courtship with Mary, never thought of the virgin birth.
He wanted to react naturally, but he allowed God to take control.
Yes, many surprises were in the Christmas story.
Still, God, who can work all things together, ensured that ALL the incidents were used to His Glory and ultimate purpose.
Even though the Messiah’s birth had been prophesied several years ago., It’s unfolding took some of the participants by surprise.
Mary, the Lord’s mother, was not told in childhood that it will be her destiny to give birth to the Savior.
She yielded to God in faith as she was chosen.
Zechariah did not know on that day that he would encounter the angel of God while performing his priestly functions.
He went in as a speaking priest but came out dumb because of his unbelief that a miracle could happen.
Elizabeth embraced the surprise of God and became the mother of John the Baptist at an old age.
Are you still upset that God did not tell you Covid-19 was coming?
There are instances when God Himself did not tell His son what would happen until it did.
That never upset any of the Trinity.
God the Father knows all and does all things for His purpose and Glory.
On His way to heal the centurion servant, Jesus did not immediately know that the woman with the issue of the blood was going to stop Him and get healed.
Don’t mind all the “celebrity men and women” of God who went back to start editing their 2019 declarations of 2020 to accommodate the pandemic.
Celebrate God when the unexpected happened because He only has the perfect and complete picture.
Jesus plainly told the two disciples’ mother, who wanted her sons to sit on the right and left of Him on his throne, that the prerogative belongs to the Father.
As close as Joshua was to Mosses, to the extent that when other Israelites went back to their tents, Joshua remained.
The Almighty had recalled Mosses before he was told.
God still assured Him that Joshua would finish the job.
Has God allowed somebody close to your heart to come home?
God will continue to comfort, heal, and guide you with the unexpected.
As Paul said, for me to live is Christ, and to die is also gain.
All those who have gone ahead of us:
Knowing Christ will continue to be with Him.
In His mercy and wisdom, you are alive to see this Christmas season.
Please celebrate Him.
Though we all know that December 25 is not in the Bible.
The date has become a rallying point to remind us that God saved mankind by sending the Savior in His wisdom and purpose.
HE has been born and had fulfilled His purpose by dying on the Cross.
So as you celebrate this Christmas, it is about your salvation.
Don’t stop at that.
Daily continue and grow in Christ Jesus.
The baby Jesus had since left the manger.
Give your life to Him today, and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.
Have you experienced unexpected, unplanned incidents, and even shocking events?
He alone can make all things work together for your good and His Glory.
Stay close to Him in your personal relationship.
Yes, you can celebrate this 2020 Christmas.
Rev Mrs. Mary Titilola Abiodun Bamidele, today would have been your 60th Birthday celebration.
We would have loved to celebrate it together, Glorifying God.
God has, in His infinite Wisdom, allowed you to come home for an early rest.
Your departure was entirely unexpected.
Olutoyin and I do cherish your friendship.
As you are committed back to mother earth today in Ogbomosho.
We celebrate God, who has made your life so full and impactful.
HE will continue to comfort my bosom friend Bishop Mike.
His abiding presence will continue with Hope, Faith, and the entire family.


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