Who did Better Lot or his Daughters?

by | May 5, 2009

Who did Better Lot or his Daughters?
At a recent family Bible Study on Genesis 19, the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, two incidents appear more vivid than the others. First, the decision of Lot to offer his two virgin daughters to be raped by a mob in place of the two visiting angels who had been sent by God to rescue him (Gen 19v8). Secondly the decision of Lot’s two daughters to sleep with their father because they assumed no man on earth would come to them (Gen 19v31).Which of these two decisions is right? Were they knowledge based decisions? .How far you go in life depends on the knowledge of God you have.
In an unusual hospitality gesture father Lot decided that he was going to offer his two virgin daughters to protect the two visitors that had come to rescue him from the pending destruction of the city. What motivated him to make that offer? Was he so concerned about his visitors that he did not mind his own daughters being destroyed by being gang raped? Possibly he thought with his own knowledge of the situation he had to do something to help. However when we look at this incident again, these two men were not mere mortal men they were angels on assignment. Did Lot not know they were sent by the Almighty God? Has he forgotten about this Almighty God Uncle Abraham had always talked about, that even recently came to rescue him from the confederation of kings that sacked that city? Some how his decision to offer his daughters to please those men was not based on a good knowledge of what was really going nor the power behind the mission .Thank God the angels intervened by causing the men of the city to go blind and his plan was not implemented.
In the second incident we see these daughters who could be described as the circumstantial victims of the first incident also made decisions based on what they thought was their problem .Was that the right decision to take ? How knowledgeable were they about the “earth “and the availability of men anyway. Unlike the first incident there were no timely interventions to prevent them from carrying out their decisions which had grave consequences. God had to instruct that these two races resulting from the incest (Moabites and Ammonites) be completely destroyed from the earth.
Looking at these two situations, what are you passing through that is pressurising you to make decisions hastily? Do you have a personal relationship with the Almighty God or Like Lot you are just in church and your relationship with God is circumstantial. Are you like the two daughters whose actions were based on only what they can see? They reasoned “no man on earth” existed, so you have to help yourself. Remember that maxim “heaven helps those who help themselves” is not biblical! Remember the parable of the prodigal son? Both the prodigal son and his older brother did not have good and adequate knowledge of their father. The prodigal son had very limited knowledge and took decisions that hurt him but thank God for the mercy of God, when he repented he was taken back. But what about the older brother, he was just serving without asking his father about his rights and privileges hence he turned cold and bitter when he saw his brother’s restoration. (Look out for an insight on the older’ brother’s life in the next issue).
So how knowledgeable are you on the issues of life that you are currently handling? What kind of decisions are you making? .Was any better? Lot or his daughters?


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