Where is your defense?

by | Mar 4, 2022

Where is your defense?
“My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.” Ps7:10. (KJV).
“My shield is God above, who saves those whose motives are decent.” (GW)
“God, your wraparound presence is my shield. You bring victory to all who are pure in heart.” (TPT)
How often did you ask a friend to help you?
Who is really there to shield and protect you?
How often did that friend help you?
“In your entire life:
You can probably count your true friends on one hand.
Maybe even on one finger.
Those are the friends you need to cherish.”
True friends are rare.
Even when a friend would like to help you:
Your friend may not have the means to do so.
David experienced God’s protection through his life.
Everything worked according to God’s plan.
Nobody, not even Satan, can change God’s plan.
David could say God is his defense.
David also said God saves the upright in heart.
Do you want God to be your defense?
Do you want God to save you?
What are your true motives?
God not only knows, but HE sees your inner thoughts.
Check your thoughts when asking Him to help you.
Application to the Christian life:
Let your heart be upright.
Let God be your defense.
Trust God.
He is your true Shield.


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