Wait upon the Lord.

by | Aug 13, 2021

Wait upon the Lord.
I waited patiently for the Lord, and he inclined unto me and heard my cry. Ps. 40:1. (KJV).
It is normal to become impatient when you wait for somebody.
You may even be cross with the person when he takes too long.
Especially if it is to help you with something.
You sometimes begin to get bitter with the person.
What did you say to your friend when he did not help you quickly enough?
God is not our servant.
He does not have to help us.
However, out of His Mercy, He Helps us.
It is not your right to get an answer when you want it.
It is your relationship with Him at all times that counts.
God knows what we need and what to do for us.
He knows what is best.
He has His reasons for doing what He does in the way He does.
In the end, He helps in such a way that we can only be amazed.
Do you want to experience the power of God?
Can you wait patiently for that experience?
Application to the Christian life:
Wait patiently for the Lord to do His will.
Submit to Him
Trust Him.
Praise Him while waiting.


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