Troubles and obstacles to your faith are inevitable.

by | Dec 19, 2018

Troubles and obstacles to your faith are inevitable.

“… Troubles and obstacles to your faith are inevitable, but great devastation will come to the one guilty of causing others to leave the path of righteousness! …………” Matthew 18: (TPT)

For every God ordained assignment challenges will come.

To successfully carry out your life assignments you must know the truth that life is not always a bed of Roses.

Troubles and obstacles do characterize the path of the child of God.

However with God on your sides all the challenges you face become stepping-stones for you to attain the purpose of God for your life.

Its Christmas season, Pastor why are you talking about challenges.???

The Birth, Death and the Triumphant Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ were with its challenges.

From the Garden of Eden when man fell to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed through and surrendered to the perfect will of God in going to the cross were full of Challenges.

All the principal characters that God used in bringing to fulfillment the Birth of the baby Jesus had their share of challenges.

With God’s help, they overcame.

Mary believed the “impossible” manner of conception. 

Joseph summoned the courage to stand by Mary when all did not add up.

 Joseph again had to outsmart the Foxy Herod. 

The wise men merely trusted their guts to look for the king that was born.

The good news of this season is that all the people on God’s assignment succeeded.

Are you in God’s plan?

Be confident that no matter what comes your way as a child of God you will succeed.

As we again look forward to the celebration of the Birth of Christ, it’s a clear and clean reminder that you are an overcomer.

God is unstoppable.

So also are you walking in His Plans and purpose for your life.

” ..the One who is living in you is far greater than the one who is in the world.”1 John 4:4 (TPT)


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