They dealt faithfully

by | Jul 26, 2019

They dealt faithfully
 “However; there was no accounting required of them for the money delivered into their hands because they dealt faithfully.” 2 Kings 22:7
The testimony of King Josiah about the priests and supervisors who were handling the construction of the temple was outstanding.
What type of testimony can be given about you as you handle money?
Can you be described as honest?
You reason that maybe they were honest because they were handling God’s money? How do you today handle God’s money, specially designated money for specific projects? 

Can you be trusted with any form of cash?
Whether the money is for the public, church, or family, we are required to be honest and accountable.
Do you still struggle to pay your tithes and give to the poor?
It is said that humankind has three principal areas of tests, namely money, sex, and power.
How do you fair in these areas?
God’s desire for us is to be trusted in all areas of our life.
 Money for the temple work was given in the above story with full assurance that those men will deliver on their given assignments.
Are you delivering on your God-given assignments, including money?
Do people trust you with their money?
The Bible encourages us to examine ourselves daily in faith.
If your handling of money is examined, what report will we find?
Let us rise to the challenge of being accountable
  Can it be said of you too that you are an honest person?
Can you be trusted with money?
Are you reliable and dependable with money?
 Are you Faithful with money?


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