There’s no room in my home for hypocrites.

by | May 12, 2021

There’s no room in my home for hypocrites.
“My innermost circle will only be those who I know are pure and godly.
They will be the only ones I allow to minister to me. There’s no room in my home for hypocrites, for I can’t stand chronic liars who flatter and deceive.” Psalm 101:6-7 (TPT)
How is your home today?

Do you really have a place you can truly call home?

Having a house or owning a physical building is not the same as having a home.
God’s original design through Adam and Eve is to have dominion and multiply through the home.
David, having seen it all in this his poetic psalm, declared:
There’s no room in my home for hypocrites.
Who are those in your innermost circle?
Again, Psalmist says it should be those pure and Godly.
Those you surround yourself with have a more significant influence on your home.
A Greater and Better Adam we have in Christ Jesus.

Is He in your home?

Don’t allow chronic liars who flatter and deceive in your home.
Your children, whether biological or adopted, mirror and reflect what they see in your home.
“My eyes will be watching the faithful people in the land so that they may live with me.
The person who lives with integrity will serve me.
The one who does deceitful things will not stay in my home.
The one who tells lies will not remain in my presence.”
Today take time to reflect on who is actually influencing you in your home.


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