The Fountain of Life:

by | Sep 3, 2021

The Fountain of Life:
For with thee is the Fountain of Life: in thy Light shall we see Light.
Ps. 36:9. (KJV).
When you drink the water, Jesus gives you.
You will never be thirsty again.
What is that water?
The Word of God is the water.
When you listen to the Word of God:
You will renew your strength.
You will find the courage to remain faithful to God.
The Word will guide you through dark times.
Obedience to the Word leads you to abundance.
Jesus is also the Light.
The Light helps you to see the way you should go.
The Light helps you to understand the way of God.
God gives you everything you need.
Can You Daily follow Him?
Application to the Christian Life:
Follow Jesus All the Way.
Don’t Cut Corners with Him.
Daily Drink the water of Life.
Daily Let the Light from His Word direct you.
Read your Bible and Pray every day.


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