The Changing Face of Christianity. Traditional or Modern Approach?

by | Jan 9, 2013

The Changing Face of Christianity. Traditional or Modern Approach?
What do you really believe? The traditional way or the modern approach to Christianity? In my  years at the high school I once saw a church bulletin and after the elders name that coordinated the program they printed the tittle JP which I initially I thought it meant Justice of Peace but the fellow told me it was Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP) .He then went on to explain that one of the lofty goals a good Christian should attain is to visit the Jerusalem and see the Holy land yourself and for years I thought you can not reenact the holy land .You have to be there life to feel the full impact . I was surprised some years ago when I went to Amsterdam and not too far from the city was a model of Jerusalem .Much more recently I have  seen  the Television adverts of Jerusalem in Orlando Florida where all what you can see in the actual Jerusalem pilgrimage has been recreated in Florida. So you don’t really need to go to the actual holy land in Jerusalem.
Years ago a normal church service will include Hymns, Scripture reading and a balanced sermon of about one hour duration. Today church service is compressed into an average of two hours especially when there is more than one shift. Sermon and Brevity are now synonymous .Soul lifting Hymns are being replaced by appealing and body moving choruses. The Bible reading is now the short texts of where the preacher is preaching from .You are fortunate if the preacher refers to that text otherwise that’s the only Bible reading for the service. Yet a generation loves this “takeaway “service.
Today you do not have to wait for hours to get the front seat in a large crusade or convention center of your denomination or favorite preacher. You can seat by your computer or your TV and watch the telecast live as those who are actually seated in the auditorium. And truly I have also heard testimonies of people getting healed while by their TV sets or computers .Once you believe you can connect with God and the preacher via the telecast or the internet depending on your belief.
Long ago you  would feel more blessed to actually walk into the church sanctuary , kneel down and drop your tithes in the tithe box connecting to God in that moment of giving. Today you don’t have to do that .In actual fact some churches and ministries prefer you to send your tithes and offerings electronically to God via the internet or telephone giving whereby your card numbers are given and right away your money gets to church account faster than the person kneeling down at the church sanctuary to drop his or her tithes and offerings. It has to do with your belief .As you click on the tithe electronically you connect with God as well as those in the sanctuary.
Prayer meetings is one of the poorly attended church programs in most churches, now church members dial in to prayer lines which connects more people together than those who are actually physically present in the church to pray. Again some Christians do testify to answered prayers via the telephone ministry
Holy Communion the sacred sacrament traditionally has to be given by the priests in the sanctuary but now with the knowledge of God that you are a priest and King ,some Christians now take the scared communion at home and no longer in the  church sanctuary especially in house fellowships .
In this season of greetings to celebrate the Christmas and usher in the new year ,traditionally Christmas cards selection and giving were part of the celebrations .Today E Cards are been sent by a growing number of people , gradually doing away with the printed cards.
Much more the Bible itself has been transformed into the electronic format .Gone are the days when a big bible characterizes your level of faith, but now your phone handset    has all the translations and different versions of Bible. Your character and life has to show it now. So what do you belief? Traditional or modern approach to Christianity 
What is working for you ?


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