Speaking With Grace.

by | Jul 24, 2019

Speaking With Grace.
“When you speak healing words, you offer others fruit from the tree of life. But unhealthy, negative words do nothing but crush their hopes” Proverbs 15:4 (TPT)
“If someone believes they have a relationship with God but fails to guard his words, then his heart is drifting away, and his religion is shallow and empty” James 1:26 (TPT)
Words have a tremendous amount of power.
We don’t often realize this, especially when we don’t pay attention.
It’s very easy to offend someone with words, and sometimes worse than physical pain.
How can we control the negative tendency of using our tongue?
1.    Being a person who encourages others. Your words can help a hopeless person. God uses the person who inspires others on the front line against desperation and depression.
2.    Telling the truth with love. It’s not enough to know the truth.
  The real wisdom is to tell it with love. You can quickly destroy others with when and how you say the truth. This doesn’t mean you should not speak to the fact. Please report it with love.
3.    Ask God to give you the right words. (Proverbs 10:32)
How do you know that the person you will speak to will listen to what you have to say?    “When the lovers of God teach you the truth, a fountain of life opens up within you, and their wise instruction will deliver you from the ways of death.” Proverbs13:14(TPT)
Who will be blessed by your encouragement?
Speak life to someone today.


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