Serving without Knowledge- How are you serving God?

by | Jul 20, 2009

Serving without Knowledge- How are you serving God?
We all remember the story of the prodigal son and his brother who continued serving their father when he went out for his famous riotous living and returned when he came to his senses. However, there was something about the brother who stayed to serve his father that was uniquely similar to many of us today: his narrow-minded view of his father. Our relationship with God is like that too. The question is, how did he serve? He was just simply carrying out the routines of the family business without adequate knowledge of what his terms and conditions of service plus the benefits were. The brother called the prodigal son knew a little more than the benefits; he also knew the father loved him with an everlasting love and he could always come back home.

The brother that stayed on at home to serve only knew about doing things. He did not know that it was possible to have his God given desires met. He had always wanted to have some fun, at least a party, or a form of celebration, but he was too timid to ask. No wonder he was angry and disappointed when the prodigal son came back and their father threw a party to celebrate his return. But he never asked the father what his terms and conditions were. He did not even know his inheritance until this incident. Many of us today are like this other son serving God without adequate knowledge of all our privileges and rights in Him. God wants us to serve Him and praise Him daily, having an aura of celebration in our lives but we sometimes only focus on keeping straight faces. The scriptures say we should serve him with gladness of heart.
Sometime ago I came across a sister who faithfully paid her tithes because her mother taught her to do so from childhood. But she never at any time opened her mouth to claim the benefits of protection and continuous provision associated with it, until we met of course. She was just making ends meet in spite of her consistent payment of tithes. After showing her, from the scriptures, her benefits from faithful tithing, she moved into a level of abundance with the testimonies of having more than she expected. Now she gives more than her tithes and offering. She has discovered the covenant relationship of serving God that is mutually beneficial.
Sarah was just serving God while her husband Abraham was relating with God in a covenant relationship. That was why she could offer a compromise solution of Haggai and Ishmael. Abraham in spite of the challenges served God faithfully and the Bible says he staggered not at the promises of God.

Mary and Martha served Jesus differently based on their knowledge of Him. Both were blood sisters. Today Mary is spoken of highly for her service to God based on what she did. She always listened and poured out the most expensive perfume at the Master’s feet.
The brother of the prodigal son was serving the father grudgingly as we could see from his complaints to the father after the father threw a party to celebrate the return of his brother. How are you serving God today? Are you angry at the celebrations and blessings in other Christians lives? The scriptures say, rejoice with those who rejoice. With a proper knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus, you would find that God’s resources never run out and His timing always the best.
If I may ask, how are you serving Him?


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