Obedience the Key That Opened up Christmas.

by | Dec 20, 2019

Obedience the  Key That Opened up  Christmas.
“When Joseph awoke from his dream, he did all that the angel of the Lord instructed him to do. He took Mary to be his wife.” 
Matthew 1:24 (TPT)
Do you know that we couldn’t celebrate Christmas if there were no obedience? 
Through a woman who chose not to obey God’s command, sin entered into the world. 
Through an obedient woman came Salvation into the world.
 Without obedience, there would be no Christmas, no Christianity, no Salvation. 
Christmas is the celebration of obedience.
The most valuable virtue before God is obedience. (1 Samuel 15:22, 23) For Christmas to take place, Jesus needed to be obedient to the Father ( John 17:18)
the angels had to be obedient to God (Luke 1:26) 
 Joseph and Mary had to be obedient to God by doing what they’ve heard from the angels. ( Luke 1:38)
Obedience to God will produce Salvation in your life. 
To receive Grace means to receive Jesus in your heart, in your being, precisely like Mary did. 
Salvation means to receive Jesus in your heart and allow Him to abide. 
Jesus will lead your life, will be in control of your mind and of your feelings. 
You follow Him. You love Him, You submit to Him.
“Just as the Lord’s angel had told him to do.”
Are You doing ALL that God has told you? 
 Live in obedience to Him!


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