Looking For God ?

by | Feb 27, 2017

Looking for God? HE is nearer you than you think. Actually HE is inside of you. We encounter God where we are least expecting it in the most unusual places,while driving,in the train,bus store,business meeting, waiting for the next client. Sometimes HE speaks in those quiet moments in betweens. 
As you go through the day, keep an ear out for that leading guiding you and commanding you as you go through life. 
When you hear God’s voice get to know Him intimately so that whatever you are doing you can hear HIM when HE speaks.
 Usually not in the thunders or your familiar patterns. HE does speak from your spirit man inside of you because the HOLY SPIRIT inside you is connected to your spirit
Develop your spirit to be able to sync with the HOLY SPIRIT at all time because truly HE is inside you.


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