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Just as He Said.

“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said! Come, see the place where He lay.” Matthew 28:6(NIV)

Right from creation, everything happened, just as He said. 

God said let there be in Genesis 1, and it has been so till today. 

God has taught us in so many ways in the scriptures that we have to say what we believe in our hearts, and we see it come to pass. 

It’s significant to remember in this season of celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus that this Resurrection happened :


What are you saying today, Especially about your destiny?

Jesus spoke what His purpose in life was about, and at every point, He confessed what the father has said about Him. 

Again the great takeaway from the just-concluded Easter season is:

 It all happened as HE said it would.

Say words that are in line with your purpose in life. 

No matter the challenges you are facing, say only His words that line up with your life. 

Never speak negatively about your purpose in life.  

Make positive confessions at all times.

 Remember the Shunammite woman? (2Kings 4)

She experienced the Resurrection of her son. 

Jesus Himself said positive words about the dead Lazarus. 

He was brought back to life.

 Whatever appeared dead in your situation speak life to it in Jesus’s name.   

The path to the cross was filled with purposeful challenges.

 At each point, Jesus spoke precisely what was required.

 During the temptation, He told satan that man shall not live by bread alone but by the word of God.

 He emphasized and encouraged us to speak to our destiny. 

No matter the area of your life, look for the word of God and say it over the situation. 

In healing, say By His stripes, you are healed. 

He wishes above all that you are healthy and prosperous.

 That’s what you should always say to yourself. 

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