Fear not.

by | Apr 25, 2022

Fear not.
“Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Matt. 10:31 (KJV).
Are you experiencing dark times?
Wondering What will happen next?
Whatever happens in your life:
God is aware of it.
He even knows what is going to happen next.
God cares for everything.
He cares for the animals, the plants, and even for you.
What is extraordinary is that He cares far more for you than He cares for the animals or plants.
“Fear not!” is the most repeated command in the Bible.
In fact, it’s been said that there are 366 “Fear not” in the Bible
One “Fear not” for every day of the year!
Including the leap year.!!
If you do what you need to do, you do not have to be worried or be afraid about anything.
God will guide you so that the end will be good.
Be reminded, “Fear not”…
Trust God’s loving presence.
You are not alone.
He Daily watches over You.
Application to the Christian life:
Trust God.
Daily allow Him to guide you.
Fear no man.


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