Fathers that leave legacies for their children.

by | Jun 21, 2017

“Then David gave Solomon the plans for the Temple and its surroundings, including the entry room, the storerooms, the upstairs rooms, the inner rooms, and the inner sanctuary–which was the place of atonement.’1 Chronicles 28:11
“So King Solomon finished all his work on the Temple of the LORD. Then he brought all the gifts his father, David, had dedicated–the silver, the gold, and the various articles–and he stored them in the treasuries of the LORD’s Temple.” 1 Kings 7:51
Today as we celebrate another fathers day lets remind ourselves that God’s requirement of us as   fathers is to leave more than enough legacies for our children so they can also add on and pass it down for their own children too
His pattern as we see from the Bible is for fathers to walk with God in obedience so that HE can prosper us and pass that prosperity down the generational line. Some cultures do task their children to produce for them and wrongly teach children that they are investments that must take care of them.
The truth we must remind ourselves today as we celebrate fathers day is that fathers must walk and work with God so that HE can bless us much that we will take care of our own responsibilities and have leftovers to pass down to the next generations. Abraham, Isaac and Israel did this. Even as Joseph was the Prime Minister his father Israel still had something to personally give him and bless him with before he passed on.
The Bible commands us to honor and respect our parents this we must do but must not be misinterpreted as enslavement for children to produce for their parent’s .In love we must continue to teach our children and not provoke them to wrongdoings. When we give as God has commanded us to do, the returns have a multiplier effect and true prosperity is manifested in every area of our lives.
Solomon unfortunately did not instruct and teach his own children like David did to him. 
The early fathers created time to teach God’s way to their children. This we must continue to do as fathers today in other to leave legacies behind.
We must as fathers take responsibilities for our own actions and decisions and not sacrifice our children to save our face. “Then the king of Moab took his oldest son, who would have been the next king, and sacrificed him as a burnt offering on the wall. So there was great anger against Israel, and the Israelites withdrew and returned to their own land.” 2 Kings 3:27. It was the king of Moab who had inordinate ambition but he sacrificed his son to get it .Do not spend all your time pursuing money with fame and neglect raising your children. Do not mortgage your children future with today’s deals. When king Hezekiah was also told of what would happen after his death to the next generation as a result of his action he did not care to intercede. That’s not being a good father.
What are your weaknesses in life today as a father?  Please address it, do not pass down any generational curse in your family line. Let it end at the cross of Jesus Christ today and take possession of all the blessings that God has for you as a father. It is never too late to turn around.
Today as a father what legacy are you going to leave for your children?

(Reproduced .First Published June 16th 2016)


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