Double life ?

by | Mar 3, 2017

Deceitful life is not good. Don’t live one day further living a double life of being a saint and sinner. Self Deception keeps telling you that nobody will know. Really you are just being simply foolish. 
God clearly states that whatever a man/ woman sows you will reap. By now you should know that the sin you do secretly and hide will one day destroy you. Sin like the Bible describes it is stolen waters and it’s sweet but later it will give you a bitter aftertaste that last much longer than the initial sweet taste. 
Stop rationalizing sin and searing your conscience that others do it too.
  The fact that you have not been caught till now is not an excuse to do it one more time. As you read this piece know that what you consider as hidden and unknown is plain and clear before God and it has a judgment waiting. 
Make up your mind not to yield to that sin one more time.
 Call upon God.
 As you sincerely say NO to sin and ask HIM to help you He will surely help you. Remember He created you as an overcomer and that’s the true way you should live daily. 
You are more than a conqueror through the Grace of God and you can stop living a double life .


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