Do you want God’s answer to your prayers?

by | Aug 11, 2017

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.(Matthew 7:7)
Did you ever prayed? Do you like to pray? Do you want God to answer to your prayers?
I think that Jesus wants to teach some important things about prayers. I don’t know how do you pray, I don’t know how often do you pray, I don’t know what you’re praying about, but I know what Jesus wants us to learn.
In order to pray, we need to recognize our failure. Jesus starts saying: ”Ask”. When you don’t have something, you ask to receive that thing. This is what Jesus is saying this. First, you need to realise your needs, your failure. We are not perfect. We don’t know them all. We are very limited. We are weak. We are instable. We need so many things. Well, to all of this kind of people, Jesus said: ”Ask”. Erroneously we often say heaven help those who help themselves.This statement is not Biblical. God wants you to depend on HIM in the finished work of Grace.So ask
But not only this. It’s not enough only to ask. We have some responsibilities as well. First, we ask, but secondly we seek. This is a very important lesson. Not only to ask, but also to seek. What to seek? Jesus is telling us in chapter 6 from Gospel of Matthew to seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. And in the prophets, God said that we will seek Him and we will find Him, if we will seek Him with all of our hearts.
And the last important thing that Jesus is teaching us in this passage, is that we need to have a permanent relationship with him. He says: ”Knock”. Remember Revelation 3:20? It’s all about a strong relationship with Him. A continuous relationship.
So, I’m asking you again: Do you want God’s answer to your prayers?


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