Divine Favor is Progressive and Continuous

by | Mar 13, 2011

Divine Favor is Progressive and Continuous

Divine favor does not just happen once and cease. Divine Favor is continuous and available for every level of assignment or challenge that you may have. ‘And the Angel said to her, Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found grace, (free, spontaneous, absolute favor and loving-kindness) with God ’.- Luke 1:30- AMP. Bible) From the time the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and till she finished her assignment with the conception, raising and positioning of the Lord Jesus Christ to commence his ministry with the miracle of turning water to wine at Cana of Galilee she continued to enjoy unsurpassing favor .She was accepted by Joseph, her betrothed husband. She connected with Cousin Elizabeth and the Jews could not stone her for fornication as the law required then.

Divine Favor can be defined as an unusual grace that makes nature and mankind to cooperate with you to bring God’s purpose to pass. That means to experience divine favor you must have a God given assignment .As you ask for Divine favor it must be on a God given task, even when you desire to have wealth it must be to glorify God and achieve His purpose. ‘ THE Israelites did according to the word of Moses: and they (urgently) asked of the Egyptians jewels of silver and of gold and clothing THE LORD gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they gave them what they asked. And they stripped the Egyptians [ of those things( GEN . 15: 14; EXOD. 12: 35-36- AMPLIFIED .Bible) God gave the Israelites divine favor for wealth because they will need it to build the tabernacle .They had grave consequences when they misused it for the golden calf. Daniel and David also experienced Divine favor in their God given assignments.

Esther experienced progressive and continuous favor; even though she was born as an orphan she experienced divine favor in getting Uncle Mordecai to raise her properly. She was born with beauty. Thank God for our beautiful daughters; it is a blessing to be so beautiful, but it could create challenges for them, because some other girls may be jealous and say cutting and mean things about them. Some beautiful women often have no opportunity to develop true character, for they are so pampered that they become extremely spoiled, hence they are commonly without personality and character. Take a look at the so called women celebrities. Esther found favor to have both physical beauty and inner beauty. Divine favor made her to be part of the nominees to replace queen Vashti that was deposed. Divine favor made her to be liked by the kings’ chief that took care of the virgins that were selected for the competition. Divine favor made her to be selected as the queen .When she heard about the plot against the Jews, divine favor made the king to extend the scepter for her to come into his presence. Divine favor made her secure judgment against Haman and he was hanged on the gallows he had planned for Mordecai. In Esther 8:8, she (Esther) experienced un-surpassing favor when the king told her ‘. You yourselves write a decree concerning the Jews, as you please and in Esther 9:1 we saw that the Jews overpowered their enemies. You too can experience this divine favor at all levels of your assignments, no matter the challenges involved. The Bible says thou shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass. Receive your divine favor to counter what Satan had purposed for your life and continually enjoy divine favor for your God-given task “Certainly you reward the godly, Lord. Like a shield you protect them in your good favor” Psalm 5:12 as we continue to put our trust in HIM divine favor is like a shield that covers all the essential areas we need.


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