David asked the LORD.

by | Dec 9, 2020

David asked the LORD.
“David asked the LORD, “Should I attack the Philistines? Will you let me win?” The LORD told David, “Attack! I will let you win.”… Sometime later, the Philistines came back into the hill country and camped in Rephaim Valley. David asked the LORD what he should do, and the LORD answered:” 2 Samuel 5:19-23 (CEV)
David asked the Lord.
David asked the LORD what he should do.
When confronted with challenges, what do you do?

David, as seen in our text, consistently asked the Lord for directions.
Even when the enemy attacked the second time.
He did not respond with familiarity and acted just based on experience.
Hearing the voice of God is indispensable to your relationship with Him.
Daily hear God’s voice before you make decisions.
Knowing God’s voice is delightful. (Psalm 29)
Don’t just rush to make decisions.
Don’t react to situations.
“Jehoshaphat was frightened and prayed to the LORD for guidance. Then he gave orders for a fast to be observed throughout the country.”
2 Chronicles 20:3(GNT)

No matter the pressure, ask God for His input in your decisions.
“At each and every sunrise, you will hear my voice
as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.” Psalm 5:3(TPT)
Have you asked the Lord for directions today?


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