Corporate Prophecy for 2010:

by | Jan 25, 2010

Eileen Fisher:
Corporate Prophecy for 2010:
This is the Year of Restoration, Jubilation and Resurrection
The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on January 5, 2010 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:
This is the Year of Restoration
“Stand…Stand…Stand and command. Command the wind of adversity to come at your back, no longer at your face; so that it can be a driving force that will drive you into My heart stronger and stronger.
“Command the pain to be changed into a plan, so that that plan will allow Me to change the pain for My gain,” said the Lord. “Lift up the past, for I am not a God of waste—but, I am a God of creation. I am a God who gathers up the leftovers. Whether they are insignificant or of great treasure, I gather them.
“Tonight, I am gathering you to My heart to hold you; to breathe fresh on you; to provoke you to enter in to My presence; to provoke you to jealousy, to come after My heart as a passionate lover. For My heart is going to capture your heart. And I will drive out fear, bitterness, regret, pain, rejection, abandonment. I will come as a champion of your heart and drive out all other things of destruction.
“I have come to unchain your heart, your spirit, your mind, even your bodies. I have come to unchain you—for I want the shackles broken, that you will run in My Spirit. Then you will leap and you will fly in My Spirit. You will learn to glide in My Spirit, and then you will have learned how to abide in My Spirit.
“For this will be the year of quick growth. Quick growth. This season of quick growth will also be the season of quickening by My Spirit. I will quicken to your remembrance My Word, My promises, My majesty, My authority. I will quicken to your remembrance, in a split instant, the weapon for the warfare. For I see, standing before Me this night, weary warriors; but, I stand before you this night as a worshiping, warring, wonderful Commander.
“And I promise you this: I will raise you up to command. For you will become My voice, My hand, My feet and My heart. You will remember this as the year of restoration.
This is the Year of Jubilation
“It was spoken forth many years ago: the year of Jubilee, the year of Jubilee! And it only left a deposit of disappointment in the hearts and lives of My people. But I say: This is not the Year of Jubilee—this is the Year of Jubilation! (This is the year) you will learn to exercise the victory. You will learn to enforce the victory. You will see unbelief changed into faith. You will see those hidden sins that have tried to become partners in your bed, so that they would rob you of My sweet fellowship and intimacy. You will see Me come in as a ravished lover. And I will cast down and cast out everything that is not clean.
“For I am going to lie beside My Bride. And as I lie beside her, I will whisper in her ear her orders. And I will stroke her hair. And as I do, I will strengthen her thinking. I will strengthen her heart, her mind, her will. I will strengthen even her spine, for she has been bent over by shame caused by others. But I will strengthen her spine so she will stand strong and know who she is. She will no longer walk with eyes that are cast down, apologizing. But instead, she will carry in her eyes the authority of My eyes, that will cause others to cast away their eyes—the eyes of unbelief, of challenge.
“For I am about to call My Bride to rise up from the bed of apathy; for she has taken herself to bed because of weakness and a sickness in heart. But I am coming to lie beside her, and I shall sit her up, strong. And then, I shall gently stand her and I shall parade her. And she shall march in the parade of the King of Kings. She will carry the sword of My Word with victory, and she will be known as the Bride of Valor.
“Resurrection Will Renew My Bride This Year,” Says the Lord
“For I say unto you, you are worthy of My Blood. You are worthy of My death. Now, you will come to understand that you are worthy of My resurrection. For ‘Resurrection!’ will be the battle cry. Resurrection will renew My Bride this year: Resurrection of multitudes of broken dreams, resurrection of finances that were robbed, resurrection of identity (for My Bride lost her identity and wanted to become anonymous, rather than become belittled).
“You are about to see a giant of a Bride. Get ready to become mobile in My Spirit, for this will be My battle cry. Flex your muscles, My Bride! For this will show the strength of the coming King,” says the Lord your God.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries
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