Arise, you sleeper!

by | Nov 16, 2020

Arise, you sleeper! (Get Up and Pray to your God Part 2)
“You muzzle the roar of the mighty seas and the rage of mobs with their noisy riots.” Psalm 65:7 (TPT)
Is your office- ship drifting?
Colleagues at work are looking up to you for a breakthrough:
Possibly in sales, marketing, research, and development.
Do you have what it takes to rescue them?
Friends at school and other club members are desperately searching around you for a solution that works;
Can they call upon your God?

In order words, is your life a reflection of His works?
Are you also like Jonah in a state of slumber?
Unfortunately, in some churches, they listen to beautiful sermons entertaining but have no life-changing impact and therefore are in a state of slumber like Jonah.
Are you sleeping Spiritually?
“Arise, you sleeper! Rise up from the dead, and the Anointed One will shine his light into you!” Ephesians 5:14(TPT)
In this story, the challenge with Jonah is that he had God – the True God.
However, he was not in the right relationship with Him at this moment of crisis.
Today as you are reading this article:
Are you at the right place God has asked you to be?
Are you doing the right thing at the right time?
Do you have a cordial relationship with God?
Can people rely on you to hook them up with your God for solutions?
Will you have to tell them stories like Jonah had to.
Be like the Lord Jesus Christ and ask the storms to cease immediately
or like Paul in that ship, you could confidently say there will be no loss of life?
Some people have a relationship with God as they wake up and pray to God in the morning.
Surprisingly as they get into their cars, trains, and buses, they begin to take instructions from the God of the traffic, weather, and the subway system.
By the time they get to their offices, God’s identity they started the day with has faded,
They tune into the God of the office.
Their God varies with the different situations they are in for the day.
Jesus Christ said, my father and I are; one,
He could link them up with God instantly.
Same with Joseph, Daniel, Peter, and Paul-
They provided solutions to the immediate crises around them.
Can you indeed call on God?

Jesus in you can still speak to those storms to cease.
Are you still connected?
Is your God the true God?


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