And Joseph’s master took him and put him in the prison

by | Sep 11, 2019

And Joseph’s master took him and put him in the prison

“And Joseph’s master took him and put him in the prison, a place where the state prisoners were confined; so he was there in the prison.  But the Lord was with Joseph, and showed him mercy and loving-kindness and gave him favor in the sight of the warden of the prison.  And the warden of the prison committed to Joseph’s care all the prisoners who were in the prison; and whatsoever was done there, he was in charge of it. The prison warden paid no attention to anything that was in [Joseph’s] charge, for the Lord was with him and made whatever he did to prosper.” Genesis 39:20-23 (AMPC)
What are the circumstances of life that seem to have imprisoned you?
Remember again the story of Joseph that in spite of his innocence he ended up in prison
However, because Joseph’s prison sojourn was part and parcel of his destiny, the Lord was with him and made him prosper.
Joseph never gave up on his dream and destiny.
One day he became the Prime Minister of Egypt.
It was that same wrong imprisonment that was his pathway to the palace.
Keep being obedient to Him.
Keep praising Him.
The Injustice you are experiencing is your pathway to the palace.
Remember the story of the imprisonment of Joseph again.
His life did not end up there.
You will come out of the situation life has put you in Jesus Name.


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