After The Resurrection…

by | Apr 17, 2017

“But after I have been raised from the dead, I will go ahead of you to Galilee and meet you there.”  Matthew 26:32
Jesus Christ told the disciples that after HE has been raised from the dead HE would hurdle with them in Galilee. Why will Jesus want them back there for a show off?
It was at there in Cana of Galilee (the first miracle of turning water into wine at wedding) that the humble but focused purposeful ministry started and HE considered it fit that after the fulfillment of God’s purpose that place should also witness the results of what happened.
Jesus Christ showed Himself resurrected to many witnesses before he ascended to heaven and did not make Jerusalem the only place of manifestation after the resurrection. He has said the concept of the whole world as mission field from the inception of His Ministry.
Jesus Spoke specific things about Himself and what will happen thereafter in a manner only the author and finisher of our Faith can do.
Where is your place of humble beginning? Do recognize those early but firm purposeful beginnings? They need to know too the result of your transformed resurrected life.
When you started your Christian journey there are some lives that you possibly touched for good that need to know the outcome of your faithfulness to God and be therefore strengthened.
In those days the distance between Jerusalem and Galilee was quite long and not all that comfortable.
Where Jesus asked the disciples to meet Him first was not too easy. It required   self-determination to get there
So also some of the instructions HE is giving us today is not that comfortable to do. 
However note what he said I will go ahead of you…Whatsoever God is asking you to do HE himself has done it before and HE will be with you and meet you there.
His presence favor power and blessings are always on whatever HE commands you to do.
The mandate to spread the good news of the kingdom was not restricted to Jerusalem so also we should just not stay comfortable in the megacities of the world we must take it to the whole world.
As you remember the disciples trip to Galilee today note that its not just about picnics its about continuous obedience to God, sharing His testimonies in all the places HE has asked you to be .
As we know He later commanded them to go and wait for Him at the upper room and wait for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
The essence of being a disciple is following HIM ALL THE WAY and not just choose to obey what is convenient.
Wherever HE has asked you to go HE will go ahead of you and meet you there. 
Whatever the vision HE has given and outlined for you will surely be fulfilled as you obey Him step by step


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